Thera-Band Foot Roller

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  • Thera-Band Foot Roller
  • Thera-Band Foot Roller
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About This Product

A simple, ridged roller that makes it easy to massage your feet anywhere.

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  • The Thera-Band Foot Roller makes it easy to get temporary relief from aches and pains in your tired feet. Just place it on the floor, start rolling your foot on it and enjoy reduced pain.

    The ridged design increases pressure points to deliver an enhanced massage. The hollow core helps match the foot's contour for a snug, custom feel. The supple, natural rubber is slip resistant and won't scratch floors. For cool relief and reducing inflammation, chill or freeze the Thera-Band Foot Roller before use.
  • Toe Instability

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    Pain, numbness, burning and electrical sensations may occur along the course of the nerve, which includes the inside of the ankle, heel, arch and bottom of foot.

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