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Pedifix Universal Metatarsal Strap

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  • Pedifix Universal Metatarsal Strap
  • Pedifix Universal Metatarsal Strap
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About This Product

This targeted metatarsal strap relieves that burning sensation under the metatarsal.

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  • Relieve the burning sensation under the metatarsal heads with this universal metatarsal strap. It redistributes and eases impact pressure from walking, running or carrying excess weight. The flexible, durable fabric is comfortable to wear, helping you manage pain associated with calluses, Morton's Neuroma or fat pad atrophy.

    Forefoot sleeve goes by shoe size
    S = 4-6
    M = 7-9
    L = 10-12

    Forefoot sleeve goes by shoe size
    S = 6-8
    M = 9-11
    L = 12-14
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