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Are Your Old Shoes Tripping You Up?

by FootSourceMD

We have all experienced it: that magical feeling of finding the perfect pair of shoes that hug our feet in all the right places. However, while you may think another set could never compare, there comes a time when all shoes need to be replaced.

In the article, “Fall Prevention: Out with the Old Shoes, Old Habits”, author Ginger Plumbo explains that those beloved, worn soles are actually hazardous for many aging individuals.

According to Plumbo, wearing footwear past its expiration date increases an elderly adult’s chances for falling because the shoe’s traction wears with time. These shoes also lose their cushioning, no longer fit correctly, and generally lack the support they once provided. These wears also increase the risk for bunions, calluses, or joint pain in the toes.

To prevent these foot faults, aging adults have a wide selection of new shoes to choose from when replacing the old. Athletic shoes offer extra grip and comfort, while rocker bottom shoes, including MBT shoes, aid individuals with arthritis by increasing their motion.

Sporting the right shoe is a stride in the right direction toward avoiding falls and additional pain.

For Plumbo’s entire “Fall Prevention: Out with the Old Shoes, Old Habits”, including additional footwear suggestions, click here.

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