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Step Away from the Hidden Harms Right Below your Toes

by FootSourceMD

During these summer months, we like to treat our feet to a breath of fresh air and commonly walk around barefoot to enjoy the seasonal warmth. However, did you know that one of the biggest risks to your feet covers each surface that your toes touch?

From pool decks to gym mats, potentially deadly bacteria are found almost everywhere, waiting for an opportunity to infect a new host. One of these silent invaders is known as MRSA.

According to Dr. Nirenberg’s article, “What You Can’t See Can Hurt You: Simple Steps to Protect Your Feet from Infection”, MRSA is a strain of Staphylococcus and is one of the worst infections conceivable, killing children, elderly, and even healthy adults.

Dr. Nirenberg shares multiple tips to avoid foot or toe infection, for these are two of the most common places for bugs to infect. By checking feet each day to spot early issues, keeping feet and toes dry, and wearing the right socks that prevent moisture, you put up your first line of defense against MRSA.

Dr. Nirenberg also namesultraviolet shoe sanitizer shoes as a prime breeding ground for bacteria, stating that sneakers can have up to 100 times more yeasts or molds than a recently flushed toilet! He suggests killing these germs with ultraviolet shoe sanitizers, like the SteriShoe UV Sanitizer, a simple insert that purifies shoes in a single 45-minute treatment.

Among his 12 steps to avoid infection, Dr. Nirenberg stresses proper nail and skin care, as bacteria can easily creep into cracked and callused skin. These simple guidelines to germ-free feet could prevent a life threatening infection, saving your soles from scary situations this summer.

For Dr. Nirenberg’s entire article, “What You Can’t See Can Hurt You: Simple Steps to Protect Your Feet from Infection”, click here.

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