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Do We Really Have to Follow in our Parent’s Painful Footsteps?

by FootSourceMD

Since birth, we have grown to resemble our parents, from personalities to looks. Our health is no different, as we commonly run the same risks as our folks.

According to Charlene Laino’s article, “Bunions, High-Arched Feet Often Inherited”, our parent’s feet provide a realistic reading into our sole’s future.

The article’s statistics highlight how bunions and high-arched feet are inherited at overwhelming rates, so younger generations should take early, preventative steps. Laino offers several suggestions to slow the rate of progression or entirely avert potential traits.

While our genes are not a choice, this natural selection does not apply to our footwear. Laino recommends wearing shoes that fit properly, have low or flat heels, and provide effective arch stability. These simple precautions can also save you from toe discomfort.

We all inherit undesired dispositions from our parents, but you don’t have to hang foot conditions over their heads, or toes for that matter. By wearing proper footwear, you can painlessly walk to your own beat.

For Laino’s entire article, “Bunions, High-Arched Feet Often Inherited”, click here.

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