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Are Your Shoes Fit For Stepping Into Motherhood?

by FootSourceMD

For the nine months leading up to delivery, pregnant women are hesitant to store their little black dress, favorite pair of jeans, or treasured heel collection. However, while your clothes may only stretch or snag, your stilettos could cause serious foot problems.

According to the article, “Pregnant Women Put Fashion Before Foot Health”, ladies must be smart while sifting through shoe sales during pregnancy, for seasonal trends can cause painful foot conditions. Swollen ankles, swollen feet, arch pain, and heel pain all stem from pregnant women sporting the wrong footwear.

The article offers advice from Dr. Lorraine Jones, a podiatrist, who explains that weight gain and hormonal changes during pregnancy soften and stretch your muscles and ligaments, increasing the likelihood for foot and ankle injuries prior to parenthood.

To avoid flirting with the line between fashion and foot failure, Dr. Jones suggests comfortable shoes that are shaped to your sole and support your arch. There is a  vast variety of footwear, including dress shoes and sandals, that you can pair with any occasion – without sacrificing style.

Until you are holding your new baby, hold out on the new heels. You and your child have too many sidewalks to stroll together to be grounded from the start!

For the entire article, “Pregnant Women Put Fashion Before Foot Health”, click here.

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