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Are You Tiptoeing Around Being In Shape and In Pain?

by FootSourceMD

When prompted with the word exercise, most of us rattle off cardio, lifting weights, yoga, or crunches, which shape the muscles we consider most useful.

However, we commonly overstep a tiny, yet vital part of our body- our toes. According to Affiliated Foot & Ankle Center’s article, “Exercise Those Toes”, the abuse from spending hours on our feet can cause our toes great discomfort. With a few quick strengthening exercises, your toes can keep pace with the rest of your body.

The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society recommends several easy exercises that work your toes into shape. For example, toe raises, toe points, toe squeezes, and toe curls tackle hammertoe pains through short, simple repetitions. To avoid bunions, doctors suggest toe pulls to strengthen muscles. For conditions stemming into the foot, including plantar fasciitis and arch strain, enjoy a sole massage by rolling your foot over a golf ball or the Thera-Band Foot Roller.

While toning arms and legs may trump our toes in appearance, it is nearly impossible to have a productive workout when the walk into the gym generates extreme pain. Do not underestimate your toes – without them, you will find yourself at an exercise standstill.

For a complete list of toe exercises and the full “Exercise Those Toes” article,
click here.

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