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Are Your Feet Running Into Pain?

by FootSourceMD

While exercise intends to improve health, joggers may be one stride closer to foot and ankle discomfort simply because of the wrong type of shoe or running surface.

Foot pain caused by improper running can stretch from minor injuries to serious damage. According to reporter, Jan Sheehan, five common sources of pain include heel pain, Achilles tendonitis , over-pronation, big toe pain, and blisters. However, with the correct footwear and running technique, this pain can be stopped in its tracks.

In the following article, Sheehan suggestsNew Balance Running Shoe wearing proper running shoes that provide added support reduces the impact of constant pressure while stabilizing the arch of the foot. Additionally, doctors suggest stretching and warming up, starting slowly, taking walking breaks, and other preventative measures. With fitting advice and footwear, running injuries can be prevented. These smart techniques increase your health without causing any additional complications.

Click here to read Sheehan’s full article, “Running Into Foot Pain”.

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