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Orthopedic Shoes Optimize Foot Health and Comfort

Stylish, comfortable shoes that promote superior foot health The term “orthopedic shoes” can strike fear in the hearts of those who do not want to sacrifice style for comfort. But thanks to shoe brands like Ziera (Kumfs) and Orthaheel, you can take care of your feet and still look good. But what are the benefits Read more...

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Offer Heel Pain Relief

Chances are good that if a person is experiencing chronic heel pain, they’re suffering from plantar fasciitis. This inflammation of the plantar fascia–the major ligament that stretches from the heel to the toes–can make walking difficult and activities like running and jogging virtually impossible. Supportive shoes designed with good arch support and a slightly raised Read more...

Ziera (Kumfs): Sensible and Stylish Shoes for Women

Ziera shoes provide orthopedic support with a fashionable twist. In the search for stylish orthopedic shoes for women, it’s tough to find fashionable alternatives that provide comfort and relief for aching feet. Ziera shoes don’t sacrifice style for comfort Available through, Ziera shoes (formerly known as Kumfs) is a stylish collection of women’s orthopedic Read more...

SteriShoe: The Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

Effectively sanitizes shoes with ultraviolet light With over 250,000 sweat glands, the human foot can quickly turn a shoe into a warm, damp breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Fungi and bacteria thrive in this environment and are the cause of athlete’s foot, toenail fungus and foot odor. These conditions are often embarrassing and painful. Read more...