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Ziera (Kumfs): Sensible and Stylish Shoes for Women

In the search for orthopedic shoes, most women don’t expect to find fashionable alternatives.

But some brands can help change that perception. Ziera (Kumfs) is such a brand. Ziera women’s shoes prove orthopedic shoes can provide welcome comfort and relief for aching feet, and be fashionable, too.

Ziera Dagger

Available through, Ziera offers a stylish collection of dress shoes, boots and sandals that combine chic sophistication with state-of-the-art cushioning technology. 

Underneath the stylish leathers and suedes of Ziera footwear lie four layers of support that stabilize the foot. At the center of the design is a microcellular shock-absorbing material that was developed to protect high-tech buildings from earthquakes. This cushioning technology protects feet, legs, hips and the spine as it absorbs the shock that comes from pounding the pavement at work and play.

Most Ziera styles feature a removable inlay. For many people these inlays provide adequate support, stability and cushioning.  However, the inlays can be replaced by off-the-shelf or custom orthotics, which are orthopedic devices prescribed by foot and ankle doctors to correct or prevent specific foot conditions and provide proper support and alignment.
Ziera Jade
Ziera shoes, designed to take women comfortably from work to weekend, sport European flair. Even Ziera’s stylish all-leather boots deliver all-day comfort, with a footbed that can be easily removed to make way for custom orthotics.

Ziera (Kumfs) was founded more than 60 years ago in New Zealand by podiatrists Dr. Mervyn Adams and Dr. David Robertson. From the beginning they were dedicated to applying their knowledge of treating and preventing foot conditions to create shoes that appeal not only to women’s fashion sense, but also their appreciation for stepping out in comfort, making a most welcome fashion statement:

Healthy feet can be stylish feet, too.

About Dr. Philbin

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