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Orthopedic Shoes Promote Foot Health and Comfort

For the sake of style, many shoes sacrifice function and comfort, often causing chronic foot conditions.

Orthopedic shoes, however, are designed to promote and maximize foot health and comfort.
Ziera Sesame
Some brands are proving that orthopedic shoes needn’t sacrifice style to deliver comfort. One such brand is Ziera (Kumfs), a label of women’s orthopedic shoes that includes a variety of attractive orthopedic dress shoe styles to choose from.

In MBT Baridigeneral, orthopedic shoes are constructed to prevent common foot problems and to reduce pain for those who already suffer from foot ailments.  Typically, orthopedic shoes provide greater cushioning and support in the arch and heel, and they feature a wider toe box to prevent foot crowding and maximize comfort.

Orthopedic shoes have a positive impact on overall health; they lessen pain and make walking a more pleasurable experience, encouraging exercise. The construction of these shoes also stabilizes the ankle, to lessen the chances of ankle sprains.  And roomy, cushioned orthopedic shoes prevent foot swelling by stimulating blood flow.
Dunham Burlington Oxford
Orthopedic shoes are available in a variety of styles for men and women—in loafers; shoes with Velcro closures or zippers; sandals; clogs; boots, in low-, high-top and even knee-high versions; athletic shoes; and even fashionable orthopedic dress shoes that compare favorably in looks to regular dress shoes. Relatively few orthopedic shoes come in laced styles as those with foot problems often find them uncomfortable and difficult to put on and take off.

Common options for orthopedic shoes are extra-wide or extra-depth sizes. Extra-wide versions maximize room for toes, and extra-depth shoes feature extra padding in the sole. 

However, high-tech cushioning and support materials available today provide designers more freedom to combine comfort and style in orthopedic shoes. It is no longer necessary to grin and bear the pain of uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion.

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Terrence M. Philbin, DO, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. He and his colleagues founded to provide patients across the U.S. and Canada with convenient access to reliable resources and products recommended by physicians. Dr. Philbin supports advanced medical education by serving as a reviewer for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgeons and Foot and Ankle International, as well as director of the Foot & Ankle Service for the Doctors Hospital Residency Program. Dr. Philbin also provides care for local sports teams, including professional, collegiate, and high school athletic programs.

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