Your Feet Are Your Freedom

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A Destination

Your physician and other leading physicians direct patients to FootSourceMD because they know that it's a complete and reliable resource, and that the products found here deliver proven results. They should know - they're the ones providing the information and recommending the products.

No other online store, or brick and mortar location, offers the amount of knowledge and peace of mind that you'll find here. We're focused on your health, comfort, rehabilitation and recovery.

Shoes & Gear

Whether you're working out, relaxing at home or standing all day at your job, your feet deserve comfort. The right shoes and supports can help keep your feet healthy in any situation with a variety of benefits ranging from extra cushioning to gentle compression.

Mobility Assistance

Whether you're recovering from an injury or living with a chronic condition, the right tools can help you regain your independence and mobility. Canes, crutches and rollators keep you moving in comfort.


From work-out gear and stretching aids to fashion accessories and deodorizers, a wide range of solutions are available to care for your body and maintain the items you use most.